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We are proud to continue offering Charlotte's most popular Technology Enrichment to Polo Ridge. In our time tested curriculum and engaging classrooms, students will be in a fascinating learning journey of computer programming, logical and algorithmic problem solving while building multiple games and applications.

Grades 3 - 5: Design and Code Mobile Apps. Mondays
Students will design and code fully functioning Android mobile apps that they can install on their phones and share with family and friends. They will integrate multiple sensors of the phone to build fascinating apps while learning one of the most cutting edge programming platforms. With the knowledge they will be able to take their learning outside the classroom and build apps for functional purposes and enter future app development competitions. 
Grades 1 - 2. Game and Animation Programming. Fridays
Students will learn fundamentals of computer programming as they build games and visual applications using MIT’s Scratch Platform. Plus they will expand into beginner robotics using Ozobots. Beginner friendly.
Students will develop creative thinking and problem solving skills in a fun and engaging technology environment. 

This requires no prior programming background. If your child did our fall program, this unit will have all new content including a robotics programming unit ​using Ozobots. Grades 1 - 2 go through a custom program designed specifically for their age group. 

Price: $200 for 8 classes per student.

In Exploratory Science (Grades 3 - 5. Fridays)
Your child will dive into many scientific phenomena using simple objects and equipment. In a safe environment, the program will cultivate their curiosity and develop them into confident and superior science problem solvers. In our highly engaging classrooms, students will build hypothesis, discuss and collaborate as they experiment their way through the amazing world of Science. 

A truly unique program developed by professionals with a deep background in STEM and many hours of research and development keeping in mind your child's inquisitive aptitude in asking the WHY's.

Three pronged approach:
A solid foundation of Science Theory
Experimentation to solidify understanding of theory and appreciate the variances encountered between theory and practice
Stretching of their imagination as the classroom fosters discussion on the many HOW's, WHY's and WHAT-Ifs

After all
Einstein himself said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. It is, strictly speaking, a real factor in scientific research."

Price: $200 for 8 classes per student

Creative Writing and Reading (Grades 3 - 5. Fridays) covers multiple genres of writing and reading strategies. Students develop superior language styles and the art of structured planning as they transform an idea into a literary work product that incorporates their individual creativity. This program is for students who are already writing complete passages with clear sentence formation and is designed to take their writing to a higher level. Writing is one of the most important skills in all walks of life and often times a very strong differentiator. In a highly engaging classroom students explore and advance on application of similes, metaphors, descriptive words and visualizations as they make their writing come alive. Students will be writing on google docs as our focus is more on development of language styles and google docs makes the teacher - student feedback process very efficient. Read more HERE

Price: $250 for 8 classes per student.

Elon Park Elementary School

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Cancellation and Refund Policy 
Full refunds available if cancelled at least one week before class (unless separately noted). No partial month refunds available once class starts.

Currently enrolling for the following program:

Computer Programming and Robotics

Grades 1 - 2: Fridays    3:45PM - 4:45PM 

Grades 3 - 5: Mondays 3:45PM - 4:45PM 

Exploratory Science
Grades 3 - 5: Fridays    3:45PM - 4:45PM 

Creative Writing
Grades 3 - 5: Fridays    3:45PM - 4:45PM 

Starting week of Feb 5th