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Thinking F​eet

You have chosen a unique path for your child's education where you and your child is in greater command of the pace and content. We have the same guiding principles behind our program that has been helping many students become more confident creative problem solvers in Math, Technology, Creative writing and Science. Our program is designed with your curious child in mind!!

​Math Problem Solving

Our time tested proprietary curriculum is designed for your child who is hungry for additional challenges. Designed to progressively challenge your curious child, we will help them discover new heights in their journey to become confident problem solvers.​

Computer Programming

Set your child on a path of leadership in Technology and Computer Programming. Our curriculum goes well beyond coding into creative problem solving in multiple technology platforms. Your child will start with simple and easy to learn technology platform and gradually increase complexity. It's a track of technology leadership!!

Introductory Pricing:
One class FREE to try
$49 per 4 weeks per child for the first month
$75 per 4 weeks per child for subsequent months

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Programs customized for your home-schooled child 

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