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Thinking F​eet

    The SIX qualifications we seek

  • Bachelor's degree or working towards one
  • Ability to generate NEW ideas on creating a fun and engaging learning environment
  • Desire to learn new things and innovate.
  • A passion for working with kids of all ages
  • Sense of humor (a collection of knock-knock jokes at a minimum)
  • Observing that there are only FIVE meaningful qualifications listed above, though the header says SIX (hmmm...a paradox)
  • If Teaching is your passion and you feel like getting out of the box and being part of an elite team that is developing innovative teaching methodologies and curriculum, then this is the place for you

  • Even if you are not a professional teacher but may be an industry professional who loves to teach, do reach out. We have many industry professionals who currently teach with us

  • We love exploring NEW teaching methods to make our classrooms increasingly better. If you have ideas of doing things differently, you will find a large number of hungry ears and hands to help you try them out.
    • Ever thought of wearing crazy hats to class, yes our teachers have done it!!!
    • Had the whole class in a role playing exercise to explain programming concepts - done that!!!


  • Want to develop curriculum in addition to teaching? We would love that and we will compensate you for it.

  • We pay BEST in market.

Why work at Thinking Feet