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Thinking F​eet

​In  one of the most innovative and prolific Technology Summer camps, not only will campers learn coding but will be inventing and leading the path in technology creation, with the guidance of our experienced coaches. They will go through a multi-faceted creative journey 
All our technology camps are customized for Beginners and Advanced programmers with a variety of challenges based on prior programming experience of campers...each week has new programs and challenges so repeat campers will get all new materials every week. We have huge rooms with a lot of space to create, build, experiment and learn.

Our Science, Math and Creative writing camps are the most innovative and fun learning camps you will find. In our highly collaborative learning environment, they will continue a rich learning journey full of creativity and problem solving. 

We promise you smiles all around!!!

Young Entrepreneur's camp

Campers will live an action packed journey of entrepreneurship as they launch an actual live marketing campaign to raise money for a local charity. After researching the charity and the supported cause they will build a website, a marketing plan and will launch an actual social media and calling campaign to raise money for a good cause. Campers will also build and presence a business plan that will highlight their creative product or service innovation including all associated aspects of Marketing, Operations, Finance, People strategies.

Game and Animation Programming in Scratch

Campers build games, animations and applications using MIT's Scratch platform and see creations come to life immediately in front of their eyes. Campers will build a myriad of different games from Space pursuits to Wizard battles....Innovative Ball games to logic puzzles using the simple yet amazingly powerful Scratch Platform. Challenges to keep both Beginner and Advanced programmers engaged and learning.

Web site Design and Development

Campers also learn HTML and Rapid Development tools to build a fully functioning and live website with multi page navigation, embedded pictures, videos, links to internal and external pages etc. They will learn all the basic skills needed to be able to build any kind of website in the future with many practical uses (like organizing their study links, managing calendars and events to share with parents etc).


Program light and color sensing Ozobots to solve multiple fun challenges. Program many logical challenges with the Lego EV3 Mindstorm integrating multiple sensors and motors. A free form camp for beginners and advanced programmers to learn the fundamentals and complex algorithms of robotics and developing innovative movements, applications and solutions to challenges. Campers can expect challenges they have never seen before that can only be solved using their keen Vulcan sense of logic and programming prowess. Prepare to be amazed with this unique Robotics camp, you will not find the likes of anywhere else. 

Wk of July 16 camp also includes building innovative Robotics designs.

Mobile Apps - Beginner / Advanced
Campers design and develop fully functional mobile apps and games that they can install on their phones plus share with family and friends. Using simple yet powerful tools, campers proudly design and develop fully functional Android apps. They will amaze you with their creativity in this program that has campers building all new apps at both beginner and advanced levels.

Electronic Circuit Design and Programming - Beginner / Advanced
Rising Grades 5+: Design and Configure fully functioning electronic circuits on Arduino and program using the all powerful C language to make functioning prototypes of consumer utility products and games.
Rising Grades 1- 4: Design fully functioning electronic circuits using easy to connect blocks while learning the basics of electronic circuits and coding. Not only will campers get exposure to Science and Technology but will apply their creativity as they apply the fundamentals of electronics in designing practical circuits.

Game and Application Development in Python

Campers learn one of the most popular professional programming platforms today as they develop Games and Applications using Python. This is a beginner friendly camp for students in rising grades 6 and up, but also suitable for rising 5th graders with prior programming experience. Campers will start their journey on one of the most prolific computer programming platforms that are used by professionals in many industries as they design many graphic games and applications.

For rising grades 6+ Or rising 5th graders with significant prior programming experience

Animation Movies using Scratch
Campers pour their imagination into their creative work of fiction while building an animated movie using MITs Scratch programming platform. They learn about the nuances of computer graphics and creating movements, special effects and smooth story lines using the Scratch platform. Humor, Sci-fi, Animal Kingdom...possibilities are endless. A unique camp combining Computer Programming, Storytelling and Film making.

Computer Generated Comic Strip Design
This one of a kind camp will bring out the comic lover in your child as they create fascinating comic strips using computer generated graphics. This unique camp will bring out an innovative flavor of technology and creative storytelling skills as our campers encapsulate their imagination into words and pictures using computer generated comic design.

Game and Application Development in Javascript
Campers build multiple interactive games and applications as they learn one of the most powerful web scripting languages. This camp will give them a real world flavor of what goes behind many of the web applications they experience in their daily lives. Plus they will leave the camp with enough knowledge to continue their learning at home in their path to become independent programmers. Campers will build many visual and interactive applications and games in Javascript.

2D and 3D Game Development in Unity
The ultimate game development platform. Campers will build simple but high-quality 3D and 2D games that can be installed and played across mobile, desktop or the Web. This is one of the most popular platform to build 3D games. Complete package to build games with cutting edge cinematic graphics, animations and rich functional integrations. It will be fascinating!!

Engineering and Machines
Creativity should be unbridled. This camp will bring out the creative builder in your child with gears, pulleys, motorized movements for campers to create working prototypes of moving robots, machines, innovative vehicles and much more. Campers will learn the basics of engineering components and motions, transforming between different degrees of motion and then apply those concepts to design and build innovative structures and vehicles.

Science Innovations

A science program like none other. Campers will learn many science concepts that they often take for granted while conducting safe experiments to enhance their learning journey of curiosity and exploration. A program designed by STEM professionals, it's a innovative combination of experimentation based learning, collaborative discussions and asking a whole bunch of WHY's, HOW's, WHAT-IF's. If you have a curious child, our Science camp will lead them into a fantastic learning journey. From Newton's Laws to Laws governing Flight, from Capillary action to DNA extraction, Electricity and Magnetism the content covers vast domains in the world of Science!!

Creative Writing and Math Problem Solving Camp
Give your child a significant head start to the next school year with our camps that are designed to stimulate creative thinking, fun and learning by building skills and strategies on Mathematical problem solving and Creative Writing.

Our Math camp is unique and none other your child has's really a problem solving camp. Your child will be in highly engaging classrooms, developing problem solving fundamentals and Math Olympiad strategies, developing critical thinking skills along the way. This is not a camp where your child will get bored with repetition, quite the contrary!!!. Our Math camp is one that campers look forward to every day, filled with logical and creative challenges to excite their fertile minds.

In the Creative Writing program, campers will swim through the imagination filled world of creative writing on a variety of topics. Students will create works of fiction, poetry, argumentative pieces as they learn intricacies of planning, superior language style and develop effective and creative written communication skills. 

Every week, the topics will be different - so no two weeks will be the same. The variety of our programs are designed to keep campers challenged whether they attend one or multiple weeks.

Public Speaking and Oratory
Bringing to our campers, the award winning program designed by expert coach Mr. Harrow of Ardrey Kell High. The Ardrey Kell teams under the coaching by Mr. Harrow have won many national awards including

  • Top Speaker at the 2016 World Debate Invitational
  • National Runner Up in Oral Presentations of Literature at the 2015 National Speech Championship Tournament
  • Overall Excellence in Forensics at the 2016 Grand National Forensics Tournament by being named one of the top 5 overall schools in the country
  • 6 back-to-back State Championships at the Tarheel Forensic League State Championship Tournament 

Students will develop the great habits and strategies of timed eye contact, projection, effective body language, art of inflection and enunciation. They will develop the art of organizing and pacing their thoughts in a more effective delivery.

Have your child get an early start in developing their command over speech, the confidence to stand in front of a crowd and lead the journey of mastering one of the most important skills in life.


Thinking Feet’s main learning center is located in the South Charlotte Ballantyne area in Mecklenburg county. 

We are just minutes away from nearby Weddington, Marvin, Waxhaw, Pineville, Wesley Chapel, Piper Glen and Fort Mill, SC.

Mobile Apps


Comic Strips


​​Week view of camp schedule

Scroll to the bottom to see camp detailed descriptions

Week of June 11

Morning (9AM - 12PM) 

Rising 5th graders (prior programming background) & Rising Grades 6+ 

Game & Applications Development in Python
+ Mobile Apps

Rising Grades 1-5 

Engineering & Machines
+ Animated Movies in Scratch
​+ Computer-Generated Comic Strip Design

Afternoon (1PM - 4PM)

All Grades 

Public Speaking & Oratory

Week of June 18
Morning (9AM - 12PM)
Rising Grades 5+ 

2D and 3D Game Development in Unity
Rising Grades 1-4

Electronic Circuits Programming

+ Robotics: Ozobots & Lego EV3 Mindstorm
Afternoon (1PM - 4PM)
All Grades 

Science Innovations 
​+ Creative Writing

Week of June 25
Morning (9AM - 12PM): 

Rising Grades 5+

Web Design & Development

+ Games and Applications in Javascript

Rising Grades 1+

Games & Animations in Scratch

+ Web Design & Development
Afternoon (1PM - 4PM)

All Grades 

Math Problem Solving

+ Creative Writing

Week of July 2nd (closed on July 4th)
Morning (9AM - 12PM): 

Rising Grades 5+

Robotics with Ozobots/Lego EV3 Mindstorm 

+ Engineering Machines

Rising Grades 1+

Robotics with Ozobots/Lego EV3 Mindstorm 

+ Engineering Machines

Afternoon (1PM - 4PM)
All Grades

Science Innovations

+ Public Speaking & Oratory

Week of July 9th
Morning (9AM - 12PM): 

Rising Grades 5+

Electronic Circuit Design & Programming in C

+  Animation movies & Computer generated Comic strip design

Rising Grades 1+ 

Electronic Circuit Design & Programming 

+ Animation movies in Scratch & Computer generated Comic strip design
Afternoon (1PM - 4PM)

All Grades

Math Problem Solving

+ Creative Writing

Week of July 16th
Morning (9AM - 12PM): 

Rising Grades 5+

Robotics (Build and Code) with Ozobots & Lego EV3 Mindstorm

+ Design and Code Mobile Apps

Rising Grades 1+ 

Science Innovation + Engineering Machines
Afternoon (1PM - 4PM)

All Grades

Math Problem Solving

+ Public Speaking & Oratory

Week of July 23rd
Morning (9AM - 12PM)
Rising Grades 5+

Web Design & Development

+ Games & Applications in Javascript
Rising Grades 1+ 

Games and Graphics in Scratch 

+ Web Design & Development
Afternoon (1PM - 4PM)
All Grades:

Creative Writing

+ Science Innovations

Week of July 30
Morning (9AM - 12PM): 

Rising Grades 5+ 

Young Entrepreneurs (Entrepreneurship, Business Plan and Fund raising)
Rising Grades 1+

Robotics with Ozobots & Lego EV3 Mindstorm

+ Computer generated Comic strip design + introduction to Business & Entrepreneurship

Afternoon (1PM - 4PM)
All Grades

Public Speaking & Oratory

Week of Aug 6
Morning (9AM - 12PM): 

Rising 5th graders (prior programming background) & Rising Grades 6+

Game and Application Development in Python

+ Electronic Circuit Design and Programming in C

Rising Grades 1 - 5

Engineering Machines + Game and Animation development in Scratch
Afternoon (1PM - 4PM)

All Grades

Science Innovations

+ Math Problem Solving

Camp Pricing:

Register by Feb 15th
Half day (Morning or Afternoon) camp, weekly price: $189
Full day, weekly price: $378

Register by Feb 28th

Half day (Morning or Afternoon) camp, weekly price: $199

Full day, weekly price: $398

Register by Mar 31st

Half day (Morning or Afternoon) camp, weekly price: $209
Full day, weekly price: $418

Register by Apr 30th
Half day (Morning or Afternoon) camp, weekly price: $219
Full day, weekly price: $438

Register after Apr 30th
Half day (Morning or Afternoon) camp, weekly price: $229
Full day, weekly price: $458

July 3rd week: 20% discount to above pricing

Lunch Care

Lunch care (12PM - 1PM): $40. Free for full day campers
Campers bring their own nut free lunch

​After Camp Care available


​Sibling discount if total camps registered across both siblings are 3 or less: 5%

Multi camp discounts 

5% discount if registering for 4 or more half day camps (total including siblings)

​Additional 5% discount if registering for 8 or more half day camps (total including siblings)

​Additional 5% discount if registering for 12 or more half day camps (total including siblings)

Additional 5% off for current Thinking Feet students who were enrolled in classes for at least 90 days  through May 2018

Full refund if canceled at least 4 weeks prior to camp start. Please read our cancellation policy on the registration page


Wingate University Ballantyne Campus
13024 Ballantyne Corporate Pl #150, Charlotte, NC 28277

A true medley of excitement and learning, unique options you will not find anywhere else in Charlotte!!!

Best Coaches + Large, spacious rooms + Small Camp Sizes(no more than 15 per group).

Technology Camps  in the morning and  Medley Camps  in the afternoon. Half and Full day options available. In our multi-platform technology camps, campers can choose to do more of either technology platform offered that week.



Public Speaking







2D/3D Games


Unity Game Dev

Web development