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Aug, 2017

Do you see mettry?

There is a constellation (group of stars) called see-mettry. It is defined by a line of symmetry with stars on either side. The cloud is covering some of the stars of the constellation. There are no other stars in the area that is not covered by the cloud. The line of symmetry has all the stars visible. Draw all the stars in the constellation

Submit your child's solution in the form below to get $10 off per month for 2 months of Math problem solving at Thinking Feet (Grades 1 - 8). Approximate illustration will be accepted.

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​We also have locations on Providence Road near Arboretum and Indian Trail at the Cultural Arts Center..

Aug 2, 2016

Go beyond Coding ...into Computer Programming

​"A Programmer is to a Coder, what a Designer is to a Production Artist or a Choreographer is to a Dancer."

"Programming is creating the logic, coding is translating that logic into code. Many students come into class able to code, but almost none come in able to program–that is, create the logic."

These are some of the insights in the article (below) that very clearly articulates the difference between Programmers and Coders. Beyond semantics, one of the biggest difference between the two is "Big Thinking". Conceptualizing the ideas, planning, and then eventually creating technology is what Programming is all about.

Another way to think about it is that a lot of the 'just coding' jobs today get outsourced whereas the jobs that require Thinking, Planning, Designing are treasured close to the chest of all organizations.

Coding skills are important, we do not undermine that, but by the time our kids grow up there will probably be plenty of coders in the market, the differentiation of success would have to come from other areas...from areas that take time to develop and grow.  

This is why at Thinking Feet, we have built a unique Technology enrichment platform where we coach students in Computer Programming rather than just Coding. We focus on planning, thinking ahead and solving problems in a technology environment. Our coaches do not spoon feed code and you will never find us encouraging students to just follow instructions and code.

Students at Thinking Feet, go through carefully planned progression levels where they get progressively better at planning, error fixing, applying creative thinking and problem solving.

Even programs like the Hour of Code have a focus on students follow instructions rather than expanding their thought leadership in technology.

Whichever provider you choose for your child's technology environment, make sure they are not spoon feeding and rather developing your child's thinking process into becoming better programmers (this takes time).

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