A closer look at what goes on behind the scenes to bring the best enrichment program to your child...

Curriculum Development

Every new program we launch has months of research built in to it. After extensive research, we then put ourselves in the shoes of the students while preparing the lesson plans. Each lesson plan that our teachers use has many embedded 'interaction points' interlaced, which our teachers use to infuse brainstorming exercises in class. Our carefully crafted and detailed lesson plans allow the teachers to ask pertinent questions that stimulate the curiosity in our students.

In Technology (as an example), while building the curriculum, we frequently introduce experimentation junctures where students explore and figure out diverse ways of solving a particular problem. Instead of the teacher telling them how to proceed, they use our lesson plans to stimulate discussion and encourage students to figure out their own unique way through.

Hundreds of hours of research goes in to prepare our curriculum, the richest you will find...and we keep innovating and improving upon them constantly.

The most unique classrooms you will find

We hire teachers very selectively and are proud to have attracted some of the best teachers from the Charlotte area. Our teachers infuse the classroom with energy, collaboration and make it one of the most engaging learning atmospheres you will find. All our teachers help continuously enhance our teaching methodology by providing feedback and driving improvement on a constant basis.

We are data driven and our teachers record weekly feedback on a variety of parameters on all students. This helps us in two areas:

1) We can provide very pertinent feedback to parents on the growth and development of their child

2) Teachers know where to focus for every child - in a very information driven approach

We are the only Technology enrichment provider you will find who is focused on your child's planned growth in developing them as creative thinkers, problem solvers and leaders in technology

What do our classrooms look like

In our classrooms, you will find a lot of hand raising, diverse set of ideas and thoughts flying all across....students experimenting, making mistakes and learning as they go along....The energy is palpable (feel it with our 4 week Money Back Guarantee). Students learn as much if not more from each other's diversity of thought, as they do from the coach.

We strive for perfection...and we learn fast from mistakes

At Thinking Feet, we are never satisfied with status quo...we always strive to perfect ourselves and in the path towards perfection we fail ... many times. What you can be assured of though is that when we fail, we learn fast and bring out a even stronger enrichment service for your child along the way.

Hold us to the highest standards you can think of, we always strive for that.

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Thinking Feet’s main learning center is located in the Ballantyne area in Mecklenburg county in the Wingate University campus.  We are just minutes away from nearby Blakeney, Weddington, Marvin, Waxhaw, Pineville, Wesley Chapel, Piper Glen and Fort Mill, SC.​​


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